Muley Fanatic Foundation "MFF" T-Shirt - Olive

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The ShedNecks / Get Western brand represents a culture of western outdoorsmen and women banded together to protect the resources most valuable to our heritage.  At the top of the list are is conservation which allows us to enjoy the outdoors and pass down these values to future generations. We at Shednecks/Get Western have partnered with MFF on this project, developing these  limited run shirts which feature our signature deer shed and the MFF logo

Support-Protect-Hunt what matters to you!




Who is MFF? 

Muley Fanatic foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 in Southwestern Wyoming to promote conservation and wildlife management through a business model that places over 70% of funds raised back on the ground locally, where it really matters. Check out the YouTube slideshow on the "Vidoes" tab on this page. MFF has made the biggest impact of any conservation organization out there in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho with more chapters being added every year!! 

AND....As of 2020, all MFF Members will receive a 10% discount storewide to

Find out more and offer your support at or give headquarters a call at 307-875-3133






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Fine Gauge Semi-Sheer Fabric

Polyester / Cotton Blend - 40 / 60 (ultra-soft)