MARSUPIAL GEAR - *NEW* Top Buckle Delete Kit for Bino Packs

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Want to reduce the footprint of the top side release buckles on your Bino or Fishing pack? You can now replace the top two buckles on our packs with our gatekeeper ladderlock buckles. Quick open design design maintains the ability to disconnect the harness and use with multiple packs. The smaller footprint allows the pack to ride higher and tighter to your chest if desired, resulting in less cross strap interference when wearing your harness with a backpack.

  • Cutting off female buckles from original pack is required
  • Tools required to complete modification: Tin snips or side cutting pliers (dykes)
  • Time required to complete modification: 5 minutes
  • Colors: Coyote Brown (Coyote, Ranger, Multicam, and Kryptek Packs) and Foliage Gray (Foliage Gray Packs)
  • Set of (2) ladderlocks is included with each kit
  • For all 2016-2020 Bino, Fishing, and Little Joey Packs


SN STAFF TIP: While the stock bino packs are the most comfortable we have found, these are an awesome, affordable upgrade. SUPER easy to install, and an extremely clean option. Depending on how you wear your backpack cross strap, these will greatly reduce any interference and twisting on the top attachment points of your harness. We also keep a set of these in our regular backpacks at all times for emergencies, should you ever break a backpack or gaiter buckle in the field, extremely handy, unbreakable and multiple uses, LOVE THESE!!